Friday, February 25, 2011

Ladies watch out

Look at his complete tongue and mouth control. Nate's going to be a good kisser.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nate Waking Up

Some pictures of Nate sleeping and what we see when he wakes up in the morning, sleep eyes, bed head and all. Its quite possibly the best thing ever.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nate watching the Rain

Nate stood at the window and watched the rain for a while.

Then he noticed something much more interesting, the camera, and suddenly the rain wasn't so captivating.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cheerio Addict

Nate likes Cheerios...a lot. Normally we just hand him one or two at a time. Observe what happens when he is given more freedom.

Its reminiscent of the last two years of congress. Shoving in what he can before it gets taken away.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Battle of the Cream

The foul offender commanded the open field. It rolled and sloshed with a mighty roar within its armored confines. Who was there to stand against such a beast. There was no one, but to sit, or even crawl against it, there was one.

Nathaniel crawled upon the field. The field was smoothed like polished rock, the perfect territory for the vile slippery cream. It had claimed hundreds of victims with its slick death. Many a foe have mistaken the malevolence contained within the steel prison to be nothing more than a sweet treat, a whipped cream, but it was more. Many victims stepped toward the monster and felt themselves slipping into its gaping maw.

Nathaniel knew better. He did not walk not charge the enemy. He sat. A simple action, done every day but ingenious in its victory over the slippery attacks of the foe. The combatants stood staring as if willing the opponent out of existence. A force of wills was engaged. Nate the Great, as he was dubbed, felt the fear build. How could he, not more than a babe, hope to fight off a creature that had stopped the hearts of so many. His heart began to pound his diaper slick with greasy whipped cream. What could one baby do against such reckless hate? Certainly he could do nothing, but if not him then who? He could hear his heart beating as if in his ears, his body threatening to tear itself apart with fear and then with a sudden motion Nate gathered his courage and thrust his hand down, deep down into the muck. Into the slime, into the greasy, into the cream. Deeper, deeper down into that hateful being. Reaching as far as he could Nathaniel thrust his hand in, then, suddenly he stopped. Time slowed and their eyes met. Sound stopped having meaning as if muted and foreign. 5 heartbeats passed as the titans locked wills and might, then it happened. Quickly, Nate's hand retreated and the cream cackled with delight. "I have won, you could not endure the sugary depths of my soul and now I have won!"

Then Nate the Great, Nathaniel of the Green, Famel of Lee, opened his hand. And there in his tiny palm, was the heart of that great beast. "NOOOOOOO!" Shrieked the ageless being. It wailed and whimpered but in the end it was no use and faded into nothing. Silent. And fun to play in. The day saved and the kingdom's true order restored Nathaniel and the people of Kitchendia rejoiced. The free peoples dove into the dead beat and splashed and played until it was bath time.

Nate the Great battling the best for ground.

Our Hero's courage and resolve been tested by the ageless one.

The battle of wills just before Nathaniel reached into the beast.

Nate ripping out and revealing the heart of the creature.

Nathaniel clapping and rejoicing/smashing the creatures heart repeatedly between his hands.

And finally, posing for pictures afterwards.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Recently Nate has had great reactions to music. Sometimes he rocks his body and he almost always claps to Hall & Oats. Rock brings out his wild side.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


WE got Nate laughing pretty hard. This is after his hysterics but you will still see a glimpse of it. We had him laughing harder than I'd ever seen.