Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monster Hunters

Lately Nathaniel has become a chatter box, a smiley chatter box. The problem is he gets too distracted when there are people other than me and Annie watching or when we put a camera on him. This means there is no evidence of Nathaniel's laughter and smiles.

Nate's laugh is like Bigfoot. Awesome, rare to catch on film and (if Jack's Links commercials are accurate) devoted to the sweet taste of beef jerky. So any time we can catch him on film laughing we post it. Today as we readied ourselves for a Sunday walk I decided to give it a try since he had been in such a great mood all day. The following document is what transpired. This is not faked or simulated and it is delightful.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


We went swimming a few times this month. At first we swam and Nate watched. Little did we know, we were leaving him out of the fun he wanted to be apart of. Nathaniel doesn't like cold things. He won't eat anything that isn't at least room temperature, so imagine our surprise when had a blast playing in the pool. And when I say a blast I mean mild fun. He did like it though. He kicked and laughed and had a great time. He loved being propelled through the water and that feeling of a hundred pound diaper.

Today, however, we found out something Nate doesn't like. Our primary is preparing for the primary program and I had Nate with me so I could show him the ropes. Knowing he'd be in primary soon I wanted to point out the do's and don'ts. Ya know, what social mistakes to stay away from and which girls aren't worth the trouble, things like that.

As the kids practiced their songs, and by practice I mean stood around confused and tired while mouthing some lyrics here and there, Nate sat in silence and seemed to enjoy the music. That is until a certain song. As the kids began to sing the haunting and cult-like "Follow the Prophet" Nate began to cry. I don't blame him, what a bizarre song to have a bunch of kids sing. If anti-mormon groups want to stick it to us they could just film a primary singing that song and even I might be convinced we're a dangerous cult.

Anyway, to the video of Nate.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Week in Nathaniel

I was going to post a video but then the programmed crashed and I lost interest so for now you get pictures of things Nate did this week

He pooped

He loves to read stories and turn the pages.

He was in his diapers a lot.

And he went swimming on Labor Day and loved it.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Up until about a month ago Nathaniel loved himself a good stretch. Every time we would unswadle him he would really give it his all. The blanket would come off and his arms would fly in the air as if racing each other to the top. He would kick out his legs and arch his back and look really funny. Its been requested that I post him doing this. I searched through my archives and found a video of him taking a Sunday afternoon nap and his subsequent awakening (the kind where you wake up from a nap not the kind where you become an undead). Its not the biggest stretch he ever had, really its a half stretch but it'll do.

Its also shocking to see that just a month ago he had such a round fat face. We need to feed him more patented steak bowls. (patent pending)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Follow up

Nate is eating solids very well now and his brief resistance is but a dream. We weighed him at the hospital yesterday and we are happy to announce that he has gained 14 ounces since last Monday. I wonder if it happens to coincide with all the KFC we've been feeding him. He's so fat now he makes Fat Albert just look like normal Albert.