Friday, August 29, 2008

Rock Politics and Star Politicians

And McCain says Barrack Obama is just a rock star.
This is a picture from Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention ....And this is a picture from Beatlemania......

Vote for Barrack Obama, because Mick Jagger isn't on the ballot.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blurry Photographs and the Edge of Insanity

Annie and I were taking our daily walk past the duck pond when we saw something horrible. Annie pulled out her cell phone and took a picture of the image. It has been forever imprinted on the forefront of my nightmares. The following is the picture that Annie took.

The Beast

Monday, August 11, 2008

Excitment Pommels the Green House

As mentioned in the poetically eluding title exictment did stir up the Green home thanks to the Olympics. As some of the more ecumenically aware may already now the XXIX Olympic Games have begun. I was originally fervently opposed to the most recent Olympics due to the adult rating it has attached to its title but so far have found nothing of an unsavory sort and have therefore redacted my previous judgements and have found the Games tantalizingly enjoyable. Annie and I have spent the weekend in a very partiotic atmosphere cheering on the various U.S. athletes as they strive to not shame us and themselves. At one point Annie and I became so intoxicated with athletic euphoria that we decided to have a race. This; however, ended with Annie bleeding profusely through the left ear and myself awaking some time after dark in a vacant lot about six mile from our apartment with no recolection of the last 4 hours.

After that we decided to leave the competition to the Olympiads and settled for eating dinner and watching the rest of the games. Sunday we of course went to church and upon returing home ate sandwiches. This of course was sumpremely thrilling and left us in a state ready for a nap...which we took. After that we watched some more olympics, especially that swimming that is always on. That Michael Phelps sure seems to be the bees knees. Left exhuasted from the excitment of the day we went to bed less than thrilled with the start of the new work week.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Am Blog and So Can You

Annie and I have decided to start a blog, and this is why: My alarm is set to wake me at 7:20 in the A.M., yet I have never, no not once, woken up to my alarm. Most mornings Annie or I will receive a call around six in the morning from a friend or family member begging to know what our day will entail. Annie being the kind person she is will put them on hold and quickly begin to discuss with me what our day will be like and how to present it in a paragraph including music and pictures to which I respond with a new language I have constructed comprised of a series of complex grunts and mumbles that to date have no translation.
If this were all, my life could continue in good conscience, but it is not. My e-mail inbox is full of e-mails from friends and family begging, pleading for a snippet of our lives or a morsel of our adventures. I ask myself: is it right to keep our lives from the world? With such a clamor asking, no, crying out “we want to know, we need to know” can I as a Christian, as a human, as a member of AAA silence these voices with anything but the truth? I cannot. Long paragraphs detailing our every thought will finally be released. Soon every human soul can know how many hours we worked this week or can be regaled with stories of events so exciting that the edge of your seat will be the new back of your seat.