Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas was great. It was really, really great. Nate was sick and sad but still managed to smile and be happy most of the time. Years ago my brother Marcus and his wife Jenny were snowed in and could not fly in for Christmas Eve. The spent the night with their two girls, ages 1 and 2 I think, filming their version of the Nativity story.

It was cute and charming. Since then they have made A Christmas Carol and this year Nate helped film How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Jenny did the filming and I did the editing.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

3 days more

Nate spent another 3 days this week in the hospital. We took him in for his normal check up on Monday and the doctor freaked out about his low weight and sent us to the hospital. The low weight is concerning, her reaction was just as concerning. We spent 3 days in the hospital and no one really knew why, including most of the doctors and nurses.

Nate has a deadline. If he cannot show that he can gain weight by the 21 then he will be admitted to the hospital and receive a temporary feeding tube. A few weeks later they will surgically implant a feeding tube directly into his tummy....I mean stomach. I feel like there is a countdown above our heads and it makes enjoying the season a little difficult. If anyone would like to help, feel free to send food. Nate likes mountain dew and doritos.

On the bright side Nate is wonderful. He loves to push himself backwards. Sometimes he disappears and we find that he has pushed himself backwards into the closet or under the bed.

For example; here is Nate pushing himself under the bed. He got so far under he couldn't push back anymore.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010


We went to Disneyland this week. It was an early Christmas present and a quick trip. One day to drive there, one day at the park and then back the next day. There were only two drawbacks; Nate couldn't go to the park with us and Nate had to sit in a car seat for 6-7 hours.....twice. Lets take a photo tour.

After hours of being stuck in the car seat Nate was so happy to get out and play in the back seat for a little while as we sat parked in a gas station parking lot. A sad little boy became the happiest boy on the planet.

Until we told him there were still 2 more hours of driving.

There were many sections of the park that were really well decorated. Especially the "Its a Small World Ride". The creepy lifeless dolls seemed to frighten less and entertain more as they sang Christmas carols instead of pounding "its a small world" into your weakening psyche.
I cannot understand what the appeal is in that ride. Its like watching Chucky come to life.

On this trip though, Annie and I took a ride on the Disneyland train for the first time ever. Best decision we ever made, yes I mean that. Not only did we ride around the park but we got to take a very weird trip to the prehistoric Grand Canyon.

Nate was so excited to head home that his whole mouth and tongue went numb.

Nate was such a good boy that I let him drive for a little bit. There was an.... incident. Mistakes were made and now we know not to let Nate drive. So, all-in-all it was a good thing, a learning experience.