Thursday, December 2, 2010


We went to Disneyland this week. It was an early Christmas present and a quick trip. One day to drive there, one day at the park and then back the next day. There were only two drawbacks; Nate couldn't go to the park with us and Nate had to sit in a car seat for 6-7 hours.....twice. Lets take a photo tour.

After hours of being stuck in the car seat Nate was so happy to get out and play in the back seat for a little while as we sat parked in a gas station parking lot. A sad little boy became the happiest boy on the planet.

Until we told him there were still 2 more hours of driving.

There were many sections of the park that were really well decorated. Especially the "Its a Small World Ride". The creepy lifeless dolls seemed to frighten less and entertain more as they sang Christmas carols instead of pounding "its a small world" into your weakening psyche.
I cannot understand what the appeal is in that ride. Its like watching Chucky come to life.

On this trip though, Annie and I took a ride on the Disneyland train for the first time ever. Best decision we ever made, yes I mean that. Not only did we ride around the park but we got to take a very weird trip to the prehistoric Grand Canyon.

Nate was so excited to head home that his whole mouth and tongue went numb.

Nate was such a good boy that I let him drive for a little bit. There was an.... incident. Mistakes were made and now we know not to let Nate drive. So, all-in-all it was a good thing, a learning experience.


Analisa Green said...

He looks so much like you in that first picture!

Heidi said...

Mistakes were made. LOL! Disneyland sure is beautiful this time of year.