Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Professor X

Whats that you say? There is life outside the hospital? Well, Nate finally got a glimpse of that this last week. Nathaniel has become depressed. He is clingy and cries a lot but we've noticed that if he can be engaged or leave his room him immediately brightens up. We've taken every chance we can get put Nate in his wheelchair and wheel him around. At least once a day they even let us take him outside.

Nate Loves his wheelchair. You don't even have to take him anywhere all the time. Sometimes he just brightens up if you sit him in it. He loves to put his arms up on the arm rests and practice his best Emperor Palpatine.


Madsen Family said...

I am glad there is some improvement good luck! Hope he comes home soon

Heidi said...

I came here hoping to find out that he is home and I'm so sad that he's not. He does do a very good Palpatine impression, though. And he sure looks a lot like his daddy did in that first pic of him. We pray for him day and night! Hugs!