Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas to all....

Suddenly again, I looked about the room for a clue as to what had filled our hearts with the pounding of a thousand ginger bread men singing carols and performing River Dance. I looked at our bedroom door and noticed something very peculiar for a door to be doing. Normally in the morning our door looks like a door but this morning it all manner of colors spilling over its edges as if they were all toppling over each other in a great race to be the first one to cheerily exclaim that our fortunes had changed with their arrival. I once again remembered the old Christmas poem, The Night Before Christmas. I began to throw open the sash and Annie realizing I had a picture frame in hand stopped me. After wrestling me into submission and stopping anymore sash opening incidents we came to the conclusion to open the door.

Slowly we drew near to the door. I turned the handle. With a slight pause I creaked open the door and entered our front room. Trumpets sounded and angels sung. My eyes were overcome with light and glitter. Before us was a room that was ours but
completely unrecognizable. Gone were the dead branches and sickly walls. In their place were lights of all colors and garland and tinsel. Gone was the defective tree and in its place was a tree of such holiday cheers that it would invoke Christmas vomiting of candies that only the heart could imagine. Santa had heard our plight and had sent the Incredible Hulk to decorate our house and bring Christmas to us for the entire month of December.

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Heidi Ashworth said...

Ooh, that first line was a real winner! And goody, there was nearly more sash opening. I love that part, mostly, I suspect, because I really like the sound of the word sash.