Thursday, January 15, 2009

Musings of a Returning Man

Coming back to Provo after Christmas break is very painful. Its like being at the best party you've ever been to in your life but then half way through it you have leave to go and sit in the refrigerator. Upon returning back to Utah Annie and I had to clear off the two feet of snow that was not only sitting on our car but nature had taken the time to glue every particle of snow to our car. After healing from a sickness that Annie and I both received as a welcome back to Provo gift school began. School is a fascinating little world. Professors love to tell you that they are preparing you for the real world but then proceed to immerse you in a series of scenarios so supremely unique to academia that they have very real possibility of handicapping those with a desire to enter the private sector. Also, Barrack Obama is the greatest marketing plan the United States has ever come up with. You can buy coins, tote bags, mugs, or even trading cards with Barrack Obamas face on it. The next step I see is the New Nike Barrack Obama basketball shoe. Who knew "Hope' came in the form of easy money. With the new year comes many new events and experiences, in the next blog you will hear of our careful anaylization and predictions for 2009.

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Jenny said...

And Obama is now in the Spiderman comic. He's not just a man, but a legend.