Monday, January 19, 2009

Blood Diamonds are Forever

The pressure to maintain a blog can be inhuman. At times I feel my skin molecules been forced closer and closer, changing composition and forcing my soft touchable skin into hard diamond. While it is tempting to let this process transpire and sell of small chunks of me ensuring life-long material comfort I know that I would forever be hunted by De Beers and Leonardo Dicaprio in a never ending struggle for my heart as they sought out the largest blood diamond ever. Although sometimes Annie gets a look in her eye, as if she’s imagining a giant golden ring attached to my back. Blogging is no easy task. Frequently neither Annie nor I can think of anything to write about. In the last two weeks nothing has happened except school starting, and to speak of school would be to open up a rift into a darker world that would claw through the reader’s skull and draw all goodness from it leaving a heaping mass of brooding. All I can hope is that something big happens tomorrow providing me with written fuel.

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Heidi Ashworth said...

I feel your pain. Yet, I manage to find some drivel to blog about every day. Yet I don't have homework. I'm still feeling the pain.