Thursday, January 28, 2010

Exciting numbers and the SotU

This blog will cover two things: A clip show of sorts from our lives the last 9 months and my thoughts on the State of the Union. Also I will be writing this in HTML that I have just learned so it may have some errors.

There were things that caused my innards to riot against me and then there were things that my brain seemed to like in the SotU Address last night. I did support the idea of posting ear marks. In reality it may be the sort of thing that flows against productivity in Congress but my idealistic sense hopes that it will cause the Democratic system to be more sincere. It is always funny to me, however, that when Obama is finding himself mired in his own political knots he speaks to the world promising the very same things that McCain promised in his campaign that Obama derided. In this particular speech it was a spending freeze, something McCain expressed need for in a debate against Barrack, to which Barrack stated that a spending freeze was not the answer ....apparently it is.

It doesn't bother me that Obama is adopting good ideas, I want the country to do well, it bothers me that instead of voting for a sentiment the American Public could have voted for the guy that had the right ideas from day 1. I did find it bothersome that the President of the United States talked of the parties working together and moments later insulted the Republicans. Then he spoke about looking to the future and not focusing on the past right after he blamed our financial problems. What worries me about this is I see a man concerned with image and pride not sincerely concerned with fixing things.

Now on to more important things

Important Numbers Since Graduation

  • Number of months since graduation : 9

  • Number of weeks baby is : 30

  • Number of books read since October: 6

  • Number of job interviews : 1

  • Number of episodes of the Bachelor watched: ALL

  • Number of times I have been punched by a small child: 72

  • Number of cans of Pepsi throwback consumed: 3

  • Number of parenting classes taken: school of Hard Knock

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Jeanette said...

Hmmm... by any chance were you punched by one of MY children????