Monday, January 4, 2010

Blogging 2010!!!!!

It has now been almost a year since our last blog entry. For those of you, and I suspect there are many, that faithfully read this blog you felt abandoned but I assure you there was no abandonment. We never left, rather we lurked somewhere just out of eyesight waiting for the right moment to pounce. We waited for a moment when you would need us most and this is that time. Christmas has come and gone and the cold reality of life is crashing down on all of us once again.

But we re-open our blog hearts to all of you once again for many reasons. Last year so many things of interest were not happening that it was too much for my brain to handle. Thousands of bits and pieces of non-events and un-happenings were crashing together with such force in my mind that they often exploded in a cringe-worthy display of nonsensical word vomit. Now, however, things are a happening. The other reason for our sudden return (apart from the constant clamoring avid fans) is because a friend of mine who shall not remain nameless, David Espenschied, decided to start blogging. That man has bested me so many times that I have had enough and will not be shown up by him any longer.

In conclusion, I don't know if there is anyone even reading this. I assume that by posting my thoughts and our family events someone must be reading them. To supply something continually must mean that there exists some sort of demand. Yet, there is no real proof of this. Maybe there is not a soul who is reading this. So, to my phantom fans, we write on!


Tessa said...

glad to have you back! Can you post pics of annie's baby belly? also, girl or boy? I'm dyyying for info! I'm sure annie is going to make some really cute artsy stuff for this babe.

Dave E. said...

Hey, that's me you mentioned in your post!Huzzah! Wait . . . are we now blog rivals then?