Sunday, May 9, 2010

Videos Videos! Videos!

Nate is kind of like a one of those sponge dinosaurs that start real small but then you pour water on them and they grow real big real fast. Except instead of a dinosaur he is a human and instead of water it's milk. He's like that. He is by no means big but as his parent I often notice how much bigger he is now. He is expanding much like our universe, my two greatest fears in collusion. Could there be a larger universal conspiracy at play within the walls of my own home? Most likely. However, no one who reads the blog with the exception of Dave cares one whit about me so I seal my thoughts away and present you with videos to delight your fancy and melt your heart.

The first video is Nathaniel making his first human....ish sounds. Until now his vocabulary has been a startlingly accurate imitation of the West African Wild Boar mating growl. In this video you will hear just a glimpse of humanity coming through.

He's a boy, a real boy!

Nate likes to chase things, mostly his cousins. He chases Samantha, Callie and he used to chase Charlie until he caught up with him once. Charlie's a tough kid but it was a pretty brutal beating. However, such great chasing doesn't happen overnight. It comes with hard work, lots of practice and great coaching. We encourage this.


Jenny said...

this isn't Jenny, it's peggy
Comment: Daddy's newest toy

Heidi Ashworth said...

I can't believe you let your kid get beat up by Charlie. Where is you sense of duty to your child!!!??? (Granny says he is the sweetest thing.) (Nate, not Charlie.) (Personally, I don't think she likes Charlie very much.)