Saturday, July 10, 2010

Special Theory

I'm now convinced that infants, rather than the mind experiment involving a clock tower, are the best way to observe the special theory of relativity. Just watching Nathaniel over the last months and seeing how fast he is growing makes me think that he may be moving at a faster relative speed. Soon I fear his growth speed will reach the speed of light. If that happens I hope to piggy back off of his ever growing speed and see if I can go backwards in time. It seems that no matter how aware Annie and I are of Nate's rapid growth and no matter how much we try to take advantage of him at each stage it never seems enough. We constantly look back at pictures of when he was younger and think wistfully of how it was and how fast it has passed us by. I can't imagine what it will be like in his teens when we look back on him as an infant and don't even have the solace of having a sweet, cute baby in the present. Just a pimply gangley teenager. I suppose we'll still like him though.

Two videos for your enjoyment. Nate literally has a button nose, and I mean literally in the real sense not the non-existent yet oh so common figurative sense. His nose acts as a button. When you press his nose, it turns something on. We're not exactly sure what we are activating but it is always funny. Secondly, Sometimes Nathaniel likes to yell. It doesn't usually mean he's mad but I am beginning to suspect he hates the camera. He has a shouting match with it in the second video. Its as if he sees me with it frequently and finds himself locked in a death match with the prize being my attention.


Jeanette said...

Very entertaining, especially since I don't have any baby videos of me. Since I apparently looked just like Nathaniel as a baby, it is like watching myself as a baby ;)! Maybe you could put him in a dress, just for fun, and call him Jeanette and take some footage??

Heidi Ashworth said...

He is super adorable. Hey, I emailed you for yr addy & never heard back so I mailed your baby gift to your mom's house. A couple of weeks ago. I hope you got it.