Monday, July 19, 2010

Failed and Funny

Annie and I had a family council the other day (as we always do) to discuss what to post on our blog. In my mind it was clear; my recent failure and Nat's infectious laugh.

To begin with, I am a man of few failures in life. I easily conquered puberty and ever since then I have seen so few failures that one might believe me to be some hero from a tall tale. I'm flattered but that is not the case. Last week I angered the Barbecue Gods. I love BBQ and I've long desired to create a BBQ sauce. I decided that now was the time and began the process. I collected all the different ingredients and began brewing my sauce with naked anticipation barely contained. I mixed, I poured, I measured and I simmered. I grew excited, and then it all went horribly wrong. The sauce was not a sauce at all but a devilish amalgamation of horrificness and disappointment. It was too tangy, chunky and had the consistency of chicken noodle soup. It was not a sauce at all. To make matters worse I prematurely placed the frozen hamburgers on the grill. They came out sickly and barely resembled a hamburger. Annie ate it anyway and said it tasted great but I could see the vomit in her eyes. I failed horribly and I don't know that the Barbecue Gods will ever forgive me.

Thankfully, Nathaniel is so cute that anyone that has a vendetta against me will quickly forgive it to be able to hear Nate laugh. He laughs more frequently and it is very cute. Cuter than any other babies, yes, even yours. He starts to laugh and you find yourself feeling filled with pleasantness and laughing along with him. We often sing to him and have been able to get him to laugh by singing Lime in the Coconut, Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar or any Bruce Springsteen song. He is a wonderful kid and can start a whole room laughing with him, as evidenced with this video. He does tend to get distracted by the camera though.


sagebuttercups said...

What an adorable video!!! I laughed with Nathaniel and got to relive HeMan cartoons. Awesome.

PS the BBQ Gods are very forgiving. Keep on with the sauce creating-- you are more than halfway there by finding out what doesn't work :)

anita said...

WEll, you'd think living with him, I'd get enough of Nathaniel. But, no. . . I never get tired of him.