Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week in the Hospital

2 x-rays
2 Fluoroscopic tests
1 Barium Swallow
1 Urinalysis
2 ultra sounds
1 heart echo
1 CT Scan
4 blood tests
3 neurologists
2 Surgeons
2 pediatricians
2 Geneticists
1 Nutritionist
2 lung specialists
and about 10 other doctors and residents

This was our last 2 weeks. On Tuesday Nate will undergo surgery and hopefully it will fix his breathing problem. Most of the time Nate thought it was the greatest adventure ever. He loved looking at all the machines and lights and the loved all the attention he got from the nurses doctors. Nate was the talk of the hospital. Lets take a look.

He had to be hooked up to oxygen for the first few days. He kept trying to pull the tube into his mouth and suck on it.


"I feel a draft". His little hospital gowns were pretty cute.

He finally got his IV out after 6 days of having it in. We had to cover his IV hand with a sock to keep him from chewing it off and after 5 days it smelled like death. Getting it off and giving him a bath was almost as good as being discharged.

Nate made sure to always to do his stretches before his tests to prevent injury. Didn't want to pull a Hammie.

Despite all the interrupted sleep, the tests, the poking and the prodding, Nate stayed cheerful and happy.

The Pediatric floor had a nice playroom that we visited whenever Nate was unhooked from the machines. Nate thought it was great fun.


Kathryn & Peter said...

Isn't it amazing that he's smiling in most of those pictures?! What a good little guy!!

Mayke said...

He is such a big happy boy in the pictures. We hope they can find out what's going on with him. Good luck!

Shannon said...

So sad for all of you. What a long week. Hope the surgery goes well.

daniela said...

We will keep your family in our prayers. Hope he gets better very soon!

anita said...

I love looking at him; I love looking at pictures of him. This has been a tough week, but seeing him sitting up last night, laying back on his pillows like The King, made me so happy. You go, Nate!

Jeanette said...

That photo of him in the tub is the BEST! I love it.