Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bag of Tricks

Nate has really enjoyed doing "tricks" lately. There have been times in the past when Nathaniel would humor you and lift his arms up when you asked how big he is, but mostly he has had little desire to play these games. The last couple of weeks though he has decided to oblige.

We caught him doing some of these. When Annie and I were replaying the video and Nate was watching he on, he would mimic himself doing the tricks. At the part in the video I asked, "how big is Nathaniel?" I looked over to see Nate watching the video with his arms straight in the air. It was pretty fun.

Another game he likes to play is when one of us snores and pretends to be asleep, Nate claps to wake us up. He gets a kick out of it. The best part is that he started the game. One day I pretended to be asleep. As I peaked out and watched his reaction I saw him study me then spread his arms out and then clap as loud as he could. Which was about as loud as crumpling a piece of paper. Ever since then he has liked playing that game.

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Heidi said...

Oh, that's so cute!!!