Sunday, March 13, 2011


Annie and I went to Monterey this weekend. Its been a rough week with all the roller-coasters of Nate's problems so we thought we'd leave him to fend for himself for a night and stay at a nice place in Monterey. Had we known that Nate would pawn all of the expensive jewelry and electronics in the house to buy more pediasure we might not have left.

We stayed at a B&B (that means bed and breakfast) and it was quite nice. B&B's are odd places. You are paying money to stay at an inn yet there exists an unseen social force that requires you to act in a way you don't want to.

Breakfast for example: Included in the price was a breakfast (thats where the genre derives its name). Yet, to access the breakfast we had to sit at a table with all the other guests. Annie and I emerged and saw a little table out on the porch. I thought about having a breakfast out there by ourselves but did not want to offend the complete strangers at the table. Strangers we never saw again. Its like being forced into some bizarre social structure. Suddenly all the guest began trading stories about travel arrangements. These stories were not amazing nor funny but everyone acted as if it were the best time they'd ever had.

A testament to why you should always ask a kind stranger to take your picture for you.

The sitting room. Its for sitting.

Us being stately in our stately robes, sitting in our stately chairs in front of our stately fireplace with a stately brandy decanter on it.

Annie is very bad at Hide and go seek.

Guess where this window looks in to?

Thats right! The toilet.

Me pouring a glass of brandy but not drinking it. There was free liquor everywhere in this place. Every flat surface in the house was made into an alcohol platform.

Pictures of the cool room.

Oh yeah, and Nate doing this.

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