Friday, April 8, 2011

Nate turns one

Nate started off his birthday by giving himself the greatest gift you can give yourself when you're an infant. He slept in past 8:00. When you get off to that good of a start it seems there's nowhere for the day to go but down, but the fun just kept coming.

First activity was a treasure hunt for birthday presents.

Next came a haircut, which wasn't really that fun but at least Nate doesn't look like a homeless stoner anymore.

Then we went to the store (i.e. took a roller coaster ride in an awesome shopping cart) and played some more at home.

Then came the pants off dance-off. Nate hasn't learned the difference between pants and shirts yet but it was his birthday so we thought it best not to point this out.

Finally it was time for cupcakes. Nate approached this token of love from his mother (which took her two batches to get right) just as he does all other food and gave it the good smashing it deserved for daring to make an appearance on his tray.

After a nice hot soak in the tub to get the frosting off, Nate finally got something he really wanted. A yellow rubber ball, just for him. It is now his most prized possession and he spends half the day holding it, pushing it around, and attempting to beat his current record for throwing distance (half an inch).

I should probably fess up now to not being Scott, but rather his lovelier, if not better, half. After three long years of marriage I was finally invited to guest post on our family blog. Don't you think I did a good job at trying to be Scott though?


Jenny said...

A wonderful Nate-arrative, well told. Lee.

Dave E. said...

Well said Annie! Happy birthday to the little one!

Heidi said...

You had ME fooled.

anita said...

I love your blog. Come back soon!