Thursday, April 14, 2011

This Song That Never Ends

Nate got a cold last week. For a normal baby that isn't a problem but for Nate it is. Ya see, all humans with super human abilities also have a weakness. Superman and kryptonite, Green Lantern and Yellow or wood (I'm not joking thats true)and Batman and bullets to the mouth. Nate has super human cuteness and intelligence but his lungs are his weakness. Every time he gets a normal cold it is very dangerous. This time it hit his chest hard and we had to call an ambulance at the mall. It was as great an experience as it could be. Nate was limp and turning blue but as soon as he heard that fire truck pull up his head popped up and he came alive. A little boy's dreams to have a fire engine drive up just for you.

As the paramedics worked on him we could hear the crowd passing by and expressing concern, it touched my heart a little when I heard that a couple passing by stated that they were going to pray for that little boy.

Post surgery for Nate was rough but this was the first time we actually worried for his life. At one point, while in the hospital, he couldn't breathe for himself anymore. His oxygen dropped and a team of doctors rushed in to work on him. Even with assistance his oxygen kept dropping. Finally, after about an hour of work they stabilized him. He is on high pressure oxygen now and we just need to get him through the congestion then he should be fine.

Its tough but its the price you pay to have super powers like Nate.

Nate woke up for a little today. Gave us some weak smiles and tried to talk.

Nate awake and dressed up as a droid for a Star Wars convention

Just after he was stabilized.


tamir said...

I didn't know how tough things were with Nathaniel's lungs. Oh buddy you keep fighting! I'm glad he got help fast. Angels are taking care of him! Hugs Annie!!!

Allison said...

I had no idea either that he was having serious lung issues. He's way to cute to be hospitalized!
We've put you all on the prayer roll at the temple here. Sending love and hugs.

Jenny said...

He can really rock a face mask can't he? What a trooper.