Sunday, August 28, 2011

9 Days

Nate loves to sit on the balcony and watch the cars go by our apartment. I think what Nate likes most about them is that they move. Something he does not.

Every night we have a routine. For awhile there Annie and I were so tired we would do all the maintenance things we needed to do to Nate then put him in bed. Venting his tube, changing his diaper, getting his night time meal ready, suction his trach, attach his oxygen monitor, plug in his vent and humidifier and put his hand splint on. We decided it would be better to make bed time more happy.

Nate has a friend. He's called "Bunny" and while we don't trust him Nate seems to like him, a lot. More than us actually. He got him during the pneumonia stay of 2011 and they've been great friends ever since. After putting him in bed we'll give him Bunny and Nate will go bananas kissing him and hugging him.

Before that though we sing a song, usually a primary hymn. Nate's favorite seems to be Give Said the Little Stream. After that one of us says a prayer. Recently Nate has begun folding his arms when we start to pray. Tonight, as soon as I said: "Nate, its night night time", he folded his arms ready for the prayer. This is Nate trying to fold his arms with his hand splint on:

Oh, and here is Nate being dorbes.


Jenny said...

AH! That last picture is truly dorbes. And, isn't it so fun when they start folding their arms? Seriously. When Callie started doing that, I melted everytime. Hope to see you guys soon as these colds pass us by.

anita said...

Oh, how I love that little guy. Thank you for sharing bedtime with us. That's a part of his day I don't see.

Kathryn & Peter said...

I love to see Nate kiss a bunny!!