Thursday, August 18, 2011

Near Life Experience

In the time since the last entry Nate has come close to death taken to the hospital where he received a tracheostomy was sent home, almost died, went back to the hospital, came home again had another event, went back to the hospital and is finally home again today. I'm not going to bother to check the grammar in that sentence.

Nathaniel has been a real trooper though. He has remained cheerful albeit smelly. There are all sorts of things that come with a trach that they don't tell you before hand. Nate needs an over night nurse as long as he has the trach. The trach can get plugged and suffocate him, we always need to carry a suction with us to suction gross liquids from his trach and his trach is attached with cloth wrapped around his neck, so its not too sophisticated and can get gross.

He seems to be happier then ever though. This is Nate being floppy. Lately he thinks its really fun to fall over.


: ) said...

Welcome home Nate!!! So glad you three are able to be at home together.Love the hair cut too! I remember when Chris, Marcus, and Gabe all had that style :) Take care you three. Thanks so much for the update. GREAT news!
Love, Jan

Shannon said...

Poor little guy. What a trooper! Hope everyone is doing well at your house!

The Nelsons said...

What a doll! I love his "mommy kisses." Glad he's well enough to be at home! :)

Ames Family said...

Such an adorable boy and so sweet. Love the 70's hair! ;) Glad he's home with you both!