Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Worm Holes, The Force and Dinseyland

California Adventure

Over the next few blog entries we will attempt to relate the stories of our most recent trip to Disneyland. Annie and I drove all the way down to Orange County last Wednesday for the purpose of vacationing in Disneyland for two days. And when I say “all the way down” I really mean we descended into a nightmare of freeway and exhaustion. Somewhere on our drive down I-15 we slipped into a sort of reverse worm hole. Time and space itself either sped up and consequently slowed us down or time and space slowed down dragging us with it. I’m not sure how it works but I do know we spent roughly 37 hours in the car, which is unusually long for a 9 hour trip. However, just before sanity cracked we finally arrived at the Lowe family house.

Annie being afraid she is next.....she was

Upon awaking the next day we found a small blue bird singing outside our window. Pleased by this little fellow and the cheer it brought us we thought it would be great to keep that cheeriness with us throughout the day, so we cooked it and ate it for breakfast. Off to Disneyland we went. Now, Annie and I love Disneyland. It is such a wonderfully separate place from the world. We parked in the Timon parking lot and took the odd little shuttle to the park. Our shuttle arrived there faster than it normally would have due to the $10 I slipped the driver. With our stomachs full of cheeriness and our travel quickened we stepped off the shuttle to the Star Wars theme blasting through hidden speakers. I immediately began to feel my body tingle with the force.

While thusly tingling we purchased our tickets and began our excursion by entering California Adventure. Annie and I had never been in this park and the secrets and delights held within tickled our collective fancy. We entered the park excited and ready….oh how misguided we were. California Adventure is….lacking and there was some disappointment. But we’d spent so much money on it and we love Disney so we had to find something cool about it. Sort of like when you make fun of someone and then your friend says that they are dating that person so then you have to find some cool things about them but really that person is just pretty lame, it was like that. We mostly wandered aimlessly looking for the oasis of fun rarely offered in that park. In short the park has potential it just needs about $1 billion and 4 years.


Marcus and Jenny said...

that picture of annie truly captures the essence of fear. we are so excited to see you guys at thanksgiving!

tamir said...

I love Disneyland. Annie remember when we all went there about 5 years ago this month! That was fun. And Annie...did you get a haircut? I want to see a clearer picture. You are just cute! Love ya!

ChrisLee said...

When I am miss good o'le fashion family goodness, apple pie, and the laughter of small, innocent children, I go to Marcus and Jenny's blog.

When I grow weary of reality and miss the 'trip' I get when I used to take my roomates Xanex pills, I read this blog. Very entertaining.

ChrisLee said...

Since I don't have a blog, I'm going to turn this comment section into my blog.

We'll, last night, Scott and Arleen finally introduced me to their dream girl that they wanted to set me up with. Before meeting her, Scott told (by way of encouragement I am guessing) that she looks, "Very Chinese." That's not an encouraging response when the question was, "So Scott, is she pretty?".

However, fortuanatly for me she turned out to be pretty in an unconventional way, which is sort of the way I like it so I'm asking her out.

I told Arleene that I suspected that Rita (her name is Rita) seems shy on the outside but must have a lot of bottled up passion and emotion on the inside (just like Colin). Arlene agreed with me.

By the way, Dad might forget to change the account next time he posts (Lisi certianly will) so you will probably get a lot of posts from people other than me on my account in the near future.