Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who Does this Fly Think He IS

It is quite unsettling to find something that finds itself (or thinks itself) above its station. This is the very situation with our friend the fly that has taken residence in our home. It has often been left to animals to torment men and woman for their regrets and misdeeds as well as represent their basic fears and defeats. However, there are certain animals that are gifted with these responsibilities and the fly is not one of them. It is a great offense that this fly thinks itself above its place in the world and torments when in reality it has not the right. For example, it would be utterly silly to name Poe's work the "Conqueror Worm" the Conqueror Fly. And I certainly know of no fly that could instill in me such a dread as a raven could upon uttering "Nevermore". In short this fly in our home is made grotesquely annoying with its arrogant attitude assuming the roll of an animal far more dreadful and supreme in its torment of mankind. Following is a list of animals that with perfect honesty can torment man:

The Raven (nevermore)
The Worm (That the play is the tragedy,"Man", and the hero the Conqueror Worm)
The Snake (they are creepy)
The Turtle (but only in New Mexico)
The Pig-Monkey (not traditional but those things are freaky)
Cthulhu (Half squid half space god, brownie points for anyone who gets this one)


Heidi Ashworth said...

What is it we are supposed to get? Where the reference came from? Greek mythology? Maybe?

Scott said...

its not greek mythhology