Sunday, February 1, 2009

Until Something Happens in Our life this is all We have

I watched the Matt Lauer interview with Barrack Obama and it was good see that the media has decided to be as detailed and hard-hitting with President Obama as they were with President Bush. I think the best two questions asked were: "How do you like your new Blackberry?" and "You are so awesome can I have a lock of your hair?" One of those two questions was actually asked and discussed for an extended period.
Annie and I had a huge inauguration party. It was awesomely and irrevocably off the hook. I don't know which hook but you could pretty much just pick any hook you wanted and it would be off of it. That is how we roll. We relished every moment of the six hours of inauguration coverage. My favorite part was watching all the people I don't know shuffle into a lavish dinning room and have conversations that we could not hear. It was a great two ours spent watching some fine dinning that other people were doing. Apparently the government adopted the 'scared child' policy regarding the economy. Much like a scared child closes his eyes assuming that if he can't see the monster then the monster can't see him, our public servants assumed that if we just spend money on a party like a recession doesn't exist then the recession doesn't exist. Annie and I were so engrossed by watching public officials mingle that we completely forgot to breath. Thankfully Obama walked into the dinning area and saved us from our respiratory plight.

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Heidi Ashworth said...

This post held me breathless for every breathless moment until it was over and I was finally off the hook! Sadly, the hook put a hole through my lung and I'm afraid death is imminent but it was all worth it.