Saturday, March 13, 2010

40 weeks is an important day in a baby's life. It means that he will be born, or at least that he is scheduled to be born and Annie and I are looking for ways to force mother nature to comply, some sort of mother nature choke hold. Sadly, we have found no way to force this nor anything to black mail mother nature with...she is a shrewd one. Although I think we may be getting close with something having to do with global warming.

Regardless, 40 weeks is important. Second to this is 37 weeks. 37 weeks means the baby is full term and can be born at anytime after that. Well, I am pleased to announce that our baby is 36 weeks today! Those who are mathematically inclined will note that 36 is not 37 nor 40 but it is only 1 week away from 37 and thus only 3 more weeks from that time before he is 40 weeks. We celebrate this because we are in the Kansas of pregnancy. By that I mean nothing is happening. Fun California is behind us and exciting Florida or New York is in front of us but right now we are stuck over Kansas. You know what happens in Kansas? I'll tell you what happens. Annie is getting more uncomfortable the baby still seems far away yet we have prepared everything with nothing left to do but wait and wait and wait. That's Kansas.

So with this in mind we took the opportunity to throw our baby a 36 week party to get excited about something.

We made some cake, threw some confetti and gave it all to the baby. Everyone had fun except Annie.

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Heidi Ashworth said...

Oh, cute! So excited for your new little one to be here! And I hear ya about Kansas. When I flew home from England to Colorado, Kansas was flat and brown and nothing happened for what seemed like hours and hours and hours. sheez-maneez. They really need to look into that.