Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Being a Father didn't really have any perceivable benefits until Father's Day came along. Suddenly, it's like I belong to a special club. Yesterday was like being an employee at Toys R Us all over again. It gave me the same feeling I used to get every time customers became thick like a forest and I needed a break.

I would go into the "back" at Toys R Us. It's like belonging to a special club that allows you admittance into a place the common person does not see. There you can avoid the chaos of frothing parents desperate to get a toy and enter a mysterious place laden with boxes of treasures and hide in a secluded area only you and other members of the club can enter. Before yesterday I thought the only benefit to fatherhood was the eventual promise of free labor, but I was proven wrong. Father's Day is like one day of being able to go into the "back".

Also, as promised, although delayed, here is a video of Nate. It starts with him babbling. Or that is what he would have you believe. It sounds cute but really it's a vicious string of expletives in a language only he can understand. The video then moves on to him just sitting there being fat before it finally ends with clips of Nathaniel doing his best pirate impressions and trying to extract sustenance from Annie's arm.

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Jenny said...

Oh man, seeing this made me really miss you guys. I can't believe how big 'famel is now...and I was soooo sooo excited to see he has a Famel onesie! That is just awesome!