Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nate's Best Time Ever

The other day Annie and I were playing with Nathaniel. He was sitting in front of Annie and sucking on her finger as if it were corn on the cob. He would start on one end and move down the finger then move back to the top again and repeat. We thought it was pretty funny, and apparently so did he. I started to record the cuteness and as I was recording Annie and I would laugh and he would look up. Soon enough he started making some sounds that sounded a lot like laughing himself. While some of you may think this is cute, I am very concerned. He did not laugh until we started laughing. He didn't even know what he was laughing about but laugh he did simply because his friends were. Peer pressure is already preying on his mind. I fear for his behavior when he gets to high school.

On the bright side we think we may have captured his first laugh. It's hard to tell because his throat is raspy, but then again it's been a little raspy for a few weeks and he has never made these sounds before. The video is about 2 minutes and he laughs once or twice at different times so pay attention. Watch the video and you can be the judge. It's like your very own America's Got Talent.

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