Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scenes from Misery

It's been awhile since last we chatted. I know that I have all the time in the world but for some reason that makes it harder to find time to do things. I'm sure Data from Star Trek would be able to point to some break in the space-time continuum causing this effect.

I teach primary (CTR 8s) and sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not. This week it was great. The class began with talking about kindness and ended with one boy on the ground screaming and trying to crawl away from a girl in the class who was dragging him across the room. It was the other teacher's turn to teach this week.

The lesson was about kindness and the teacher had the kids role play the Good Samaritan. The beat up Jew was a wild little boy named Colin and the G.S. (cool abbreviation for Good Samaritan) was a sweet little girl named Sadie. Soon enough Colin was screaming on the floor trying to army crawl away while the Good Samaritan dragged him by the leg across the room telling him he needed to go to the inn. It was like a scene out of Stephen King's Misery.

I wonder at what point Nathaniel will lose his sanity and act like that. This kid is cute.

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