Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learned things

Ever since Annie and I started this blog we have received thousands of e-mails asking all sorts of questions. We've been asked for life advice, decorating tips and even been asked to be the godparents of several children and animals. However, the question we get the most is how to install a new stick of RAM into a computer. I will demonstrate.

First you must open your computer. In most scenarios the computer will not be larger than you and you should not have any problems.

Next, you may have to remove some other components if they are blocking the way. In this case the video card is blocking access to the RAM. Remember, it looks tasty but don't eat it.

Finally, you will have access to the precious RAM. Simply pull on it really hard, you may need a hammer, and out it comes. Remember, don't eat it.

If you simply cannot resist the RAM's siren call to take a nibble then try to taste a corner

However, it will make you throw up.

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