Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mad Scientist

Lately Nate has been experimenting. Not the blow your eyebrows off kind but the kind where he just recently discovered he has a tongue and different sound levels. He'll chew on his tongue and use it to make this hushed spitting/tongue kind of sound. I don't know how to explain so I have a video. He has also been whispering a lot lately. Kind of funny.

For awhile we were not sure what he was doing, however, we did notice that every time he would make the sound a squirrel outside would stop and listen. I think he may be communicating with them.

The video doesn't capture his best moments but you get the idea.


ChrisGreen said...

It actaully sounds like he is trying to talk Clingon.

Heidi said...

Oh, nuts, I can't view the video. I have been able to view others of yours. I'll have to check back.