Friday, September 3, 2010


Up until about a month ago Nathaniel loved himself a good stretch. Every time we would unswadle him he would really give it his all. The blanket would come off and his arms would fly in the air as if racing each other to the top. He would kick out his legs and arch his back and look really funny. Its been requested that I post him doing this. I searched through my archives and found a video of him taking a Sunday afternoon nap and his subsequent awakening (the kind where you wake up from a nap not the kind where you become an undead). Its not the biggest stretch he ever had, really its a half stretch but it'll do.

Its also shocking to see that just a month ago he had such a round fat face. We need to feed him more patented steak bowls. (patent pending)


Dave E. said...

I wish I woke up so gracefully.

Heidi said...

Scotty, can you post this on FB? For some reason, I can view videos on FB but not on blogs. So aggravating, I must say! How can I get through the day without seeing "the stretch"? (Michael used to do that after he ate--he loved him a good meal even then.)