Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monster Hunters

Lately Nathaniel has become a chatter box, a smiley chatter box. The problem is he gets too distracted when there are people other than me and Annie watching or when we put a camera on him. This means there is no evidence of Nathaniel's laughter and smiles.

Nate's laugh is like Bigfoot. Awesome, rare to catch on film and (if Jack's Links commercials are accurate) devoted to the sweet taste of beef jerky. So any time we can catch him on film laughing we post it. Today as we readied ourselves for a Sunday walk I decided to give it a try since he had been in such a great mood all day. The following document is what transpired. This is not faked or simulated and it is delightful.


Jeanette said...

Well, well, WELL!!! There's no denying it! It WAS a laugh!

Dave E. said...

You should probably be careful, I'm no expert in Bigfootology but I believe the sounds he is making are actually calls of aggression to other Bigfoot males.

Jenny said...

ok, i'll give you that one...that was pretty dang cute.