Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nate watched Predator this weekend. He became paranoid that a predator was out to get him. He followed Arnold's example and found ways to hide his body's heat signature.

It has been awhile since Annie and I have professed our history to the world through blog. This is not without good reason. This week I have begun working a job. I work for someone. His name is The Man, maybe you've heard of him. The rumors are true though, I have a job. A real job that a real person would go to. Knowing my past, there may be some confusion for people out there. There was for me. Let me clarify. This is not the type of thing that provides me money without doing anything, nor is this the sort of thing in which I do something and don't get paid for it.

I both do something for someone and receive monetary compensation. I was confused by this at first but apparently it's quite normal. Sadly, this means my 2 year long love affair with daytime television and day long hang-outs with Annie and Nate (well, only 9 months for Nate) are over. The abrupt end has been brutal. I now know about my son only through prerecorded viewings and text messages. It is sad. Work, however, is happy.

The job doesn't pay much though, so Nate has had to take up work as a grease monkey. We don't know what that is yet but we think he would show up to work looking like this:

When we told Nate he had to pick up a job to help the family out he stripped off his close and did this for 3 hours.

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The Nelsons said...

He is SO SO cute. I want to meet him sometime! :)