Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Un-holiday

I don't get New Years. I know what it celebrates but I don't know how to celebrate it without alcohol. Celebrating New Years seems a lot like winning a drawing to me. I know it happens to someone but I've never seen it nor do I know how it happens. Nate had his first Christmas but it was not what we had hoped for. He started pushing teeth through his gums and thought it would be a good idea to get sick at the same time. It was a rough Christmas for him. He did open some presents though and was delighted to receive a plush Grover and "Monster at the End of This Book", which he loved.

Nate has also picked up a few new habits. He likes to rub the bottom of his tongue along his new found teeth. It's very amusing.

He also likes to copy you when you're talking, but only if your talking sounds like growling. Beware though, his growl is ferocious and has attracted the attention of wild beasts.


Dave E. said...

I completely agree with you regarding New Years - I was pondering this very thing last night. And thank you for another great video. Nate's a very fine T-rex that you've been raising. Show no weakness as he may eat you otherwise.

Heidi said...

he is so adorable. And those plush monster books are awesome. We have the Elmo one.