Monday, April 5, 2010

More baby then you can shake a stick at

There was that odd moment Thursday night around 11:00 when the doctor entered the delivery room and said you're ready to start pushing. Suddenly and not so gently reality became a frozen sledgehammer crashing into my gut. 9 months of being pregnant, or for me having a pregnant wife, leaves you feeling that the reality of things is that your wife is now pregnant and that the baby part is a distant concept, ungraspable by one not having been through the process.

Suddenly a man enters your life and says, "hey, that thing in you is actually a baby and you are going to have to force him out through uncomfortable means." Again, suddenly, you realize how much simpler everything was a day ago. Nervous anxiousness perched in my stomach and began making a nest. Annie began to shake, nerves shocked at the doctor's proposition. Shock soaked in nervousness attacked our minds as it struck us, we were going to have a baby and in about a minute Annie was going to have to start the painful, foreign and unknown process. Suddenly, something you had become used to for 9 months becomes something very different. The nurse explained how Annie needed to push and what to feel for. The doctor got ready and then every one looked at the electronic contraptions that would tell us when our lives would begin to change forever. After pushing through the third contraction, the doctor stepped away and put on his birthing coat and pulled up the tools. the baby would come out in the next push and and where I thought I was nervous before, my senses showed me how much more nervous I could be. The doc explained that when the head popped out Annie would need to stop pushing. It wasn't what he said but the fact that he said it as if he were ordering a pizza. He didn't seemed to understand that we were having a baby hear not talking about the weather. A contraction later and there was a baby. Nerves cashed so suddenly my body felt almost numb but my emotions went wild. We had a baby. The foreign became familiar and the unknown became Nathaniel Lee Green. Here is the evidence.

You can see my bed for two nights off to the left. When I say bed I mean chair from Hell that I sort slept in.

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