Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vile Weed

Nate sleeps pretty good. In fact, he seems to have a talent for sleeping, which is great for now, not so good for the rest of his life. Normally we'll feed somewhere between 8-10 p.m. From there I usually just stay awake for the next 4 hours and then feed him with a bottle. Annie wakes him up again in another 4 hours to feed him.

As a side note: Every always talks about the baby eating in the same terms you would talk about a farm animal. "He feeds every three hours." or "He's feeding right now". Every time we talk about his feeding I imagine Nathaniel doubled over a trough while I throw slop in and watch him dig in. Which, to be honest, is too far. When he gets hungry I can hear him gulping from feet away.

Last night we were disgruntled when I fed him a bottle at 3:30 a.m. and he wouldn't go back to sleep, like at all. He fussed and every time he got close he began to get real angry. The way he was acting made me think he was having stomach problems. He finally calmed down around 12:00 and slept. We did some internet searching and found that broccoli is a food that often gives babies stomach problems. We had broccoli last night. Newman was right all along, vile weed!

Sometimes he likes to practice his "Home Alone" look. We think all the earthquakes have him worried and he is practicing the "duck and cover, covering the head with your arms" position.


I made the mistake of getting too close to his territory and he issued a baby challenge. Apparently a baby will defend its territory by challenging the new comer by opening their mouth as wide as possible to demonstrate which baby has better feeding capacity.

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