Friday, April 9, 2010


Here are some pictures. I think the lesson anyone could take away from this is that our kid loves to suck. He sucks constantly and if he is not sucking, usually, he's not happy.

Nathaniel has grown very attached to his pacifier. Sometimes he'll put both hands over it when we try to take it out as if to keep us from taking it away. Other times he'll put one hand over the pacifier and another over his ear. We think he is pretending to be a radio man in a WWII era platoon.

Also, he likes hugging mommy.


Jenny said...

oh, those just make me happy!

Analisa Green said...

I better get to see him at least one more time before I leave. And he better be awake and b-dancing when I do

yellow buttercups said...

Scott I LOVE the new blog photo. You are so clever--what a swell welcome announcing your son and your blog. Awesome.