Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tummy Time

There's this new thing called Tummy Time. Apparently you just lay your baby down on his tummy and let him flail around. This works as exercise for his little body and also serves to frustrate him. As a parent this is kind of sad but also funny (note I mentioned sad first making me not a bad parent for thinking it is also funny). The doctor recommended we start Tummy Time because babies are getting misshapen heads because parents are afraid to put kids on their stomach.

So Tummy Time it is. At first he wasn't too in to it.

A few minutes later he started to get into it.

I know it doesn't look like much but note the ferocity in his eyes.

Suddenly Nathan heard a beat. Off in the distance he caught the sound of some pumpin' jams and felt the need to take Tummy Time up a notch.

Is it just me or is my kid doing the worm?


Annie Green said...

we have the cutest kid in the entire world.

Tessa said...

Looks like baby Nathaniel Lee Green will be ready to take part in many dance parties - which I'm sure he'll be asking you to throw soon enough. Good thing Annie is experienced in the art of throwing dance parties.

Jenny said...

So are you calling him Nathan?